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Our Net

The VRRC hosts a weekly net every Wednesday at 20:00 local time on the "seven'eighteen" 147.180 machine. Join us and experience our inclusive community with open nets and repeaters for all Amateur Radio Operators.

Our nets and repeaters are "OPEN" for all Amateur Radio Operators

We also host a Swap-N-Shop on our weekly net and items are posted on our Swap-N-Shop page.

We are now using NETLOGGER!

If you haven't discovered netlogger.org yet, we highly recommend visiting the website and downloading the NetLogger software. Once our net goes live, you'll have the privilege of witnessing real-time check-ins and identifying who is being called for comments through the convenient purple bar feature. Additionally, NetLogger offers AIM messenger functionality, enabling you to engage in chat conversations with fellow participants. Rest assured, after the net concludes, logs will be promptly uploaded on this site for easy access. Explore the capabilities of NetLogger.org and enhance your net experience with these valuable features.

Net Control Stations

For those interested in running the net, we have a helpful Net Procedures Script available. This script is the net protocol to ensure a smooth and organized net operation. Feel free to utilize the Net Procedures Script to enhance your net-running skills and ensure a successful net experience for all participants.

All Net Statistics

Last 5 Nets

# Net Op Start End Actions
1 KB4TIW 06/05/2024 20:01 06/05/2024 20:55 View Net
2 KB4TIW 05/29/2024 20:00 05/29/2024 21:08 View Net
3 KB4TIW 05/22/2024 20:00 05/22/2024 21:12 View Net
4 KB4TIW 05/16/2024 20:00 05/16/2024 20:55 View Net
5 KB4TIW 05/01/2024 20:00 05/01/2024 21:00 View Net