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Repeaters and Status Information

Our nets and Repeaters are open to all Amateur Radio Operators. Join us and be a part of our inclusive community.

We enthusiastically invite all Amateur Radio Operators to join and participate in our nets and utilize our Repeaters. Our commitment to inclusivity and fostering a welcoming environment means that our nets and Repeaters are open to everyone within the Amateur Radio community.

  • 147.180+ PL: 127.3

    Located about 1 mi West of Hwy-61 and Just South I-20 and is our Primary Repeater Map

  • 444.225+ WiresX

    Located West Villa Rica limited range at this time. Node ID: 98090 RoomID: 08090

  • 145.240- D-Star

    Online and connected to the gateway

  • 144.390 Digipeater

    Located at Hwy-61 and I-20 APRS-FI


Repeaters Trustee: KB4TIW Timothy Tyson

Photos of our Repeater Sites and Antennas

147.18 Main Repeater

Main 147.18 Repeater site in Villa Rica just South of I-20
Main 147.18 Repeater site looking out towards Villa Rica Downtown NNE.
Main 147.18 Repeater site in Villa Rica - Top Right Antenna is the Repeater

D-Star and Digipeater - I-20 & HWY 61

Site overview - 2nd tier closest is the D-STAR.
The empty spot on top right the Comet will be installed. Below is the Digipeter

70cm at Oak Mountain

Second tower from left at the top is the 442.775 repeater.